Will Shopify Dropshipping Die in 2021? (I started a new store to find out)

⭐️Will Shopify Dropshipping Die in 2021

In this video I explain where shopify dropshipping is headed in 2021. With so many things like the Apple IOS14 update up in the air, it will be an interesting year ahead of us. I have recently created a brand new dropshipping store as well to share my results and see if you can still make profit quickly using the Shopify Dropshipping business method.

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🙋🏻‍♂️A little bit about me: My name is Nathan Nazareth, I am a 19-year old entrepreneur and student of business. Within my first year of e-commerce, I launched over 10 different e-commerce brands and Dropshipping stores, some of which exceeding the six-figure revenue mark within months of operation. My dream is to continue running my own businesses, and help as many people reach their dreams as I possibly can.

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