Top 10 Print On Demand Products to Sell on Shopify in 2021

If your goal is to generate more customers and make more revenue, knowing the best products that will set your Print On Demand business up for success is the ultimate place to start.

Today’s video is going to feature Youtuber and eCommerce educator Wholesale Ted. She’s not just telling you her top 10 favorite Print On Demand products. She’s going to tell you the top 10 products that sell the most on Printful, which has a great integration with Shopify, so that you can see which items are most popular with customers & stores.

Print-on-demand is the perfect business model for those just starting out who want to give their customers unique products that they can’t find anywhere else. These products are the perfect canvas for your creativity. The best part about Print On Demand is that it’s low investment, low-risk and lets you create and sell custom products without holding any inventory.

Wholesale Ted is a treasure trove of information for eCommerce business owners. Her channel; features incredible information on Print-On-Demand, product and market research, product-sourcing and so much more. We’re so excited to be collaborating with her. So strap in for some serious value!

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Here is what we’ll cover in this video:
00:00 Intro
01:09 Top 10 Print On Demand Products to Sell in 2021
01:35 Unisex T-Shirts
03:38 Children’s T-Shirts
04:27 Mugs
05:40 The All Over Print Hoodie
07:35 All Over Print Yoga Pants
08:17 Engraved Jewelry
10:31 Posters
11:10 Champion Jacket
12:35 Tote Bags
13:04 Fanny Packs
14:30 What Are Some Best Design Practices For Print-on-Demand Beginners?
15:28 What Are Important Product Page Best Practices for Beginners?
17:09 What Are The Most Common Mistakes That Print-On-Demand Beginners Make That Prevent Profitability?

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