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Should you be an Uber Driver or Lyft Driver in 2021?

Is Uber Worth It 2021 and Is Lyft Worth It 2021? Especially in this year, there are TONS of factors to consider, and in this video, I’m going really in-depth about being a driver: Uber Insurance Coverage / Lyft Insurance and Rideshare Insurance, Uber Rental Car / Lyft Rental Car, Uber Income / Lyft Income, Driving for Uber full time / Driving for Lyft full time, and a lot more

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Intro [0:00]
1. Pandemic [0:39]
2. Location [1:34]
3. Employee vs. Independent Contractor [3:04]
4. Car Situation [4:40]
5. Part Time vs Full Time [5:55]
6. Insurance [7:47]
7. When Can You Drive? [9:55]
Bonus – Quick Hours & Instant Cash Outs) [11:26]

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