Platform Panic All Characters + Ability // Todos los personajes de Platform Panic

Hi friends, I am Teacher Jorge, these are all the PLATFORM PANIC CHARACTERS, the best endless game for Android and iOS. Enjoy it!!


Platform Panic (Free) by Nitrome is a challenging test of your reflexes and platforming skill. Think of it like a platformer version of Flappy Bird or Crossy Road, even, because this is pretty much what the game is. So if those two games were something you had trouble putting down, but you enjoy old-school platformers too, then Platform Panic is worth checking out.
Though the premise is rather uncomplicated, the difficulty is nothing to sniff at. Even though the levels will repeat as leaving the stage takes you to a random one, you’ll find yourself dying plenty of times. The levels can occasionally be flipped and its surprising how much of this change interferes with your motor system. You’ll be dying plenty of times so getting gold to buy more heroes is a bit of a slow go. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like unlocking heroes doesn’t give you any more specialties than just giving you another chance to walk down nostalgia lane. While it can get a little repetitive, it’s the retro charm this game has with all its shout-outs to the games of your childhood past, at least if you’re my age, that makes this game so wonderful to play.


♠Rosy Cheeks Boy
♠Sir Jumpalot
♠Radd Bradd
♠Blue Rodent
♠Awesome Ninja
♠Mr. Smooth

Este es mi primer video en ingles y aunque no me va muy bien con el ingles, espero que disfruten de este excelente juego infinito!!

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