I Closed 43 Of My Shopify Stores (2021 Update)

This is why I have had to close down a ton of my Shopify stores. – Instagram: @ItsHaydenBowles
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I Closed 43 Of My Shopify Stores (2021 Update)

In this video I explain why I have had to close down a ton of my Shopify Dropshipping stores over the years. It might come as a surprise, but most of the things I have done in my eCommerce career has actually not turned out profitable.


The cool thing is you can have 10 misses, and all you need 1 one product to make it and start selling extremely well. Thats the point, to test as many products as you can, as fast as you can while still being efficient with your ad spend.

Personally I use facebook ads for shopify testing. a lot of my stores have been with carefully selected products from my product research methods, so I have high confidence in them. However they don’t always work, and i’m totally okay with that. You just have to be willing to cut a losing product quickly once you see it’s not working well.

So if you have ever wanted to learn how to sell products on Shopify, run Facebook Ads or start an eCommerce business in general, then this is the tutorial for you! This information is up to date and works into 2021!

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