How To Start eBay Dropshipping As A Beginner In 2021

Learn how to start eBay dropshipping as a beginner in 2021
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0:00 How To Start eBay dropshipping as a beginner in 2021
0:17 eBay dropshipping policy
3:31 Which suppliers are allowed on eBay?
5:25 Examples of eBay dropshipping suppliers
13:21 Product research rules
16:11 How to find products manually
20:00 Software to find winning products for dropshipping
25:24 Accounts, Cashflow and workflow

In the following video, Nahar explains in detail How to start dopshipping on eBay as a beginner in 2021

What is allowed and not allowed on eBay dropshipping?
– On eBay dropshipping policy page, fulfill orders directly from wholesale suppliers

– Listing an item on eBay and then purchasing the item from another retailer or marketplace that ships directly to your customer

How to find the right suppliers to comply with the policies

How to find products on the internet:
for Wholesale suppliers;
1. Cj dropshipping is a great supplier where you can send a request of an item you want to get and if you like the price they gave they will immediately ship the item from their warehouse to your customer
2. Inventory source is a software connected to a lot of wholesale suppliers in the United States. The disadvantage of having this kind of supplier is the price is not very competitive and it has less variety of items compared to CJ dropshipping

Note: You can use google to search for wholesale suppliers in your area

for Retail Suppliers;

1. Amazon, because of the new eBay policies, if you dropship from it, you will never match the shipping location and the tracking number

2. Walmart, this is very good for high ticket products, but just like the Amazon, you will have problems with matching or tracking

Note: You need to make sure that what you are selling has more demand than competition

How to find winning products to sell on eBay?

Step 1: Find competitors. Go to any suppliers website, pick a category, and filter it to the most sold items. Copy a part of the title and search it on eBay

Step 2: Click the product and go to the sellers information, check the products he sells, and click «Completed listings», and check how many times the item sold, do your research. Check if that item has a high demand and less competition.

Step 3: You can use the Zik analytics to speed up the process. Put the name of the competitor in the competitor research on Zik and click the search button and right away you’ll see the statistics of the seller. You can see on the product list below the best selling products and all the information of it.

Click the cross button to check if you can find the item on aliexpress or other suppliers. You can also try to optimize the title to build your own

How to get started?

1. Create an eBay account
2. Cashflow is changing from one country to another, like paypal accounts linked and also bank accounts on your own name. For starters, you can try to sell on cheaper amount
3. Workflow. You can only list 10 items on eBay for starters. Call eBay to increase your limits. List items that has high demands low competition

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