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How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon 2021 – FULL Amazon FBA Product Research 2021 with AMZScout

This Amazon FBA Product Research 2021 video covers the FULL PROCESS of How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon 2021. We use AMZScout throughout and cover product research amazon fba 2021 which differs slightly from amazon fba product research 2020. There are 10 steps that will help you find products to sell on amazon 2021. Many are asking how to find products to sell on amazon 2020 but they should now be looking ahead and asking how to find products to sell on amazon fba 2021. Between the steps, we also provide amazon fba product research tips, specifics on amazon fba product research criteria and how to do amzscout product research. This amazon fba product research step by step tutorial includes an AMZScout review, including the AMZScout Chrome extension and provides techniques you can use to find profitable products to sell on amazon 2021.

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00:00 – Intro
01:54 – 3 Important Product Considerations
02:02 – Why Choose Products with Higher Prices
03:15 – Why Choose Products with Development Potential
03:46 – Why Choose Products with Low Competition/Acceptance of Low Reviews
04:40 – 2021 Product Research Criteria
05:07 – Use AMZScout’s Database to Find Products
05:54 – Products to Avoid in Database Results
08:11 – Save Products to the Product Tracker
10:01 – Use Reverse ASIN searches to Find your Primary Keyword
11:26 – Use Your Primary Keyword to Evaluate the Market
12:09 – Use AMZScout’s on-page Data Blocks for Fast Insights
20:28 – Use AMZScout’s Chrome Extension for a Deep Analysis
24:42 – Coffee Break
24:50 – Determine Customer Favorites with AMZScout’s Data Blocks
27:24 – Leverage Reviews to Select the Best Differentiation Strategy
35:35 – Getting Cost Estimates & Base Product Ideas from Alibaba
38:55 – Use a Profit Calculator to Decide Between Products
42:58 – Tally Pros & Cons to Select your Final Offering
49:35 – My Verdict
52:18 – Boost Your Research with This

I hope you find this video helpful.


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