How To Create A Facebook Ad For Beginners in 2021

In this video, I’ll show you how to create a Facebook ad if you are a beginner or if it’s been a while since you created and ran a Facebook ad.

This Facebook advertising tutorial works for agencies, business owners, selling physical or digital products, or pretty much any type of ad you want to run on Facebook and on Instagram.

And I do update this video each year since Facebook updates their ad platform often.

To create a video ad for Facebook and Instagram, you can use this platform and create an eye-catching ad in minutes. (affiliate link)
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I’ll also have resources in the description for more in-depth learning.

To get started, you do need a personal Facebook page and a business page.

Start by going to

You can create an ad account here and link it to your personal Facebook page.

You also need a Facebook Business Page. Make sure you already have one creator.

Once you do, jump into Business settings on Facebook business manager. The most important thing here is adding your business page and creating an ad account. You can also add your Instagram account here if you want to turn Instagram ads.

You should also update your business info to make sure everything is up to date.

Here is the structure of Facebook ads.
Business Manager / Add Ad Account / Ad manager / Campaign / Ad Set / Ads

You can use Facebook Audience Insights to figure out who to target with your Facebook advertising.

Using page transparency to see what other ads people run in your niche to get better ideas of what your ad should look like and what it should say.

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