FREE Shopify Course 2021 | Build A Professional Shopify Store From A-Z | Complete Shopify Tutorial

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0:00 Intro
1:18 Shopify Course
4:35 Shopify Dashboard & Different Themes
7:41 Theme Setups
11:45 Which Theme Demo Should I pick for my Shopify Store?
15:31 Hero Banners
19:22 Product Implementation
29:45 Split Banners
33:34 How To Edit Split Banners For Your Shopify Store
38:06 Create a News Letter Popup for your Shopify store
40:29 Editing About Us Page
49:59 Creating Shopify Product Lookbooks
54:08 Creating A Background For Lookbooks
58:46 How To Import Images To Shopify
1:00:28 how To Create A contact Us Page
1:02:03 Creating an About Us Page & Adding A Navigation Menu
1:06:38 Creating Wish List Pages
1:08:47 Creating More Shopify pages
1:10:23 Product Shopify SEO
1:13:20 Creating Brand Features
1:25:19 How To Create A Blog
1:28:31 How to Add an Instagram Gallery and Photo Gallery
1:31:55 How To Create Custom Collections Pages
1:59:06 Creating A Second Hero Banner
2:03:16 General Shopify Store Requirements

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