Dropshipping 1688 To Shopee Full Tutorial With Cj Dropshipping l 1688 Shopee Dropshipping

Are you looking for 1688 to dropship to your Shopee store?
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https://shopee.com.my/product/141191918/8404956132/ (Malaysia)
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https://shopee.com.my/product/141191918/4551224296/ (Malaysia)
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Are you looking for cheap products that you can mark up the price to earn more when dropshipping in Shopee?
This is the video for you.
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There are a lot of platform that we can dropship from by using the method that I am going to show you in this video , but why cj dropshipping?
The advantage that I can see with cj drosphipping is their shipping method is much more faster compare to if you buy it from the original supplier website, and we do not need any Alipay or complicated process to buy from either 1688 or Taobao.
For example , if you are buying directly from aliexpress it may take you 30 days or more to arrive to your customer , which is pretty normal , but with cj dropshipping the same products will only take 7-15 days to arrive .
Now lets look at what is cj dropshipping , and how it can help us to have a more efficient dropshipping business with Shopee .
By default Cj dropshipping have their own warehouse in a couple of countries such as Thailand , Us , china ,Germany ,Indonesia , Australia and Japan.
And you can source products from aliexpress , 1688 and Taobao using Cj dropshipping . which we are going to do it in this video.
Before that , cj dropshipping itself contains of thousands of different products that you can start dropshipping with them as well .
The products that is in Aliexpress in general , you can also find it with cj dropshipping website , without going to aliexpress .
Lets me give you an idea how is the process of dropshipping from overseas to your Shopee store.
First you will need to do your product research to look for the products that you can sell in Shopee.
Then , look for the products in either cj dropshipping , 1688 , aliexpress or Taobao.
Check the total cost of the products .
Do a price comparison on current shopee competitors . If worth then continue below process , if not , find other products.
Download the images and videos if available.
Upload to your shopee store , set shipping as others , and pre orders to 20 days.
When you have order , buy from cj dropshipping , and put your customer”s address ,and cj will direct sent the products to your customer.
Alright , so this is the process of the whole dropshiping in short.
Now , let me show you how things is done.
First products research , there are a lot of products research method that you can use , such as google trends , aliexpress dropshipping research tool , google trends , google keywords tool and Shopee research tool dianba . In this video I will show you the most common want which is shopee keyword tool.
If you want to learn how to use tool such as aliexpress dropshippping research tool , google trends to do your products research , you can learn from my Shopee Dropshipping Products Research , which I highly recommend.
Next look at the products at cj , aliexpress ,1688 or Taobao.
For example I want to dropship this resistance band. Kindly beaware , I did not do any products research in prior , I just randomly choose this resistance band for video demo purpose only . You will need to do the products research before dropshipping any products in Shopee.
Lets go to cj dropshipping , type in resistance band.
Click on price to show the lowest price products.You can register cj dropshipping at link given on the comment box , it is 100% free to use.
So it will show you all the resistance band related keyword product that is inside cj dropshipping .
I just pick this.
Choose any options , size.
Click on shipping method . ship from china warehouse.
Platform just leave it as blank.
Ship my order most to , select Malaysia.
So , cj will show you the available shipping options with cost.
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